My laptop was well maintained but had become really slow. After Flash Up it felt like a completely new and fast machine.

Rambhushan Kanumuri

Chief Strategy and Operating Officer

(Investec Capital Services (India) Private Limited)

I was going to sell my 5 year old machine thinking it could not be fixed but I was wrong. Flash up boosted it’s speed and efficiency greatly.

Niraj Kumar

Assistant General Manager

(SBI – Global)

Flashup is an amazing service
that increased my laptop speed by 5 times.

Nitika Khanna

VP- CSR, Monuments, Activities

(Yatra Online Pvt. Ltd.)

It would take ages for my laptop to boot up. Now after Flash Up it’s just a matter of about 20 seconds and I am set to work.

Seetu Jagtiani


(Brahma Designs)